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Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Young Males

There has been an increase in individuals with erectile dysfunction. Basically, erectile dysfunction is a physical or psychological condition where an individual has trouble to get or to maintain an erection. You are more likely to be having erectile dysfunction and not notice because of the wrong diagnosis. It is therefore essential to create an awareness of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is mainly as a result of physical or mental factors. The following is an in-depth understanding of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

The primary cause of erectile dysfunction in young males is obesity. Obesity has become familiar to young men because of your lifestyle of taking a lot of junk funds read more about. For you to get an erection, you need to consider the blood pressure and transfer of blood to the male organs. Hence, an obese young man will be unable to have an erection as there is reduced blood flow in the body.

The second cause of erectile dysfunction in young men is hormonal issues. Despite aiding in body growth, testosterone is also responsible for your intimate drive read more about. Young males with low testosterone will be unable to have a regular erection during intimacy. Theoretically, the testosterone levels are supposed to decrease with increase in age. However, there are remedial procedures in place to boost your testosterone levels.

The third cause of erectile dysfunction in young individuals is a drug and substance abuse. Many young men have indulged into the abuse of drugs such as alcohol and khat which on the long term affect their intimacy life. Drinking of alcohol causes dehydration that, in turn, reduces the blood volume read more about. Extended use of drugs will lower the blood flow in other body organs; male organs included hence causing erectile dysfunction. In addition to that, drugs specifically alcohol slows down the reaction of brain nerves which is likely to affect the triggering of erection signals.

Stress is another cause of erectile dysfunction in young males. Stress is a psychological disorder where you have mental tension read more about. For you to be intimate with anyone, you must be mentally prepared. Young males are more exposed to stressful activities in than any other individuals; therefore, the body will not be able to trigger the release of testosterone hormone for your intimacy purposes.

Mental illness has been among the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in young men. Depression revolves around feeling sad most of the time and low self-esteem read more about. As talked about earlier, depressants reduce the blood flow in veins, therefore, causing erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion, erectile dysfunction has become dreadful to the intimate life of young males; therefore, it is essential to understand its causes and find the appropriate treatment measures.

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