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Press Release Facts

Crafting a press release is one of the many ways of getting your story told by journalists. Most press releases follow a similar pattern of formation but here are a few tips to guide you in making your story stand out.

Ensure that the headline that you come up with is creative and will catch the attention of your audience and get them waiting and eager to know what you will say next.

The starting line, headlines you choose to use should be unique and the audience will be in a position to engage in conversation as it should be in words they all understand. Use simple terms that will not change the meaning of the message you initially meant to pass on to your audience and also remember to use simple words. Make sure that the beginning of the first paragraph of your press release accurately reflects the context of what you are addressing and goes hand in hand with what you say next.

Always include a few key quotes but only when necessary. Quotes especially those you get from experts should enable you to humanize your context flawlessly. The press release should be short as you always have limited time to read and expound on long releases. Limit your information only to the important details to avoid boring your audience. Always remember to include your contact information so that journalists who are interested in what you just said may contact you for further details or any other information they may want to know in-depth. Do not forget to do your homework as a good student.

Familiarise yourself with the journalists in your industry by watching as much news as you possibly can. Find out what kind of news they go for as most prefer stories that capture the attention and get their audience glued to their sources of information all the time. Copy their way of writing to ensure that the journalists will find your story a good fit to their industry.

Always ensure that you leave a boilerplate that is usually found at the end of any press release. A boilerplate can be defined as a short description of how the press release is related to the organization that just released it. Boilerplate includes details that further tell the date the press release was founded, the name of the organization and the mission for release.

Make a good timing of your press release for it to reach a great audience and get wide coverage. Important stories are released mid-week while the less important ones are released over the weekend. For any kind of press release, it is wise to turn it in early to be able to secure coverage by any local source of information.

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