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The Divorce Process

Couples in marriages that face irresolvable issues can opt for a divorce. It involves a series of processes that required as per the law for it to be formal as explained in this article. Filing a petition commences the divorce process for any party that is no longer interested in the marriage. A divorce petition should contain different types of information that form part of the content as required by the law of a specific state. Divorce lawyers aid the spouses seeking the divorce to provide this information.

You can then proceed to the next stage where you can ask for temporary orders. Divorce process is long and this might not sit well with some spouses This is because maybe it affects different areas of their lives and they need to get over and done with the procedure because of other important issues. A court is able to issue temporary orders to ensure the applicants concerns are addressed.

What follows is a spouse is served and the other spouse waits for the served spouse to respond. The service is for a document known as proof of service. Proof of service is proof that you have already acquired the qualities that enable you to issue a copy of the divorce petition to your spouse. Completion of this stage allows for going to the next stage of the divorce. It can be done by obtaining the services of a legal professional to deliver this documents. A reply of the same is needed failure to which there are consequences to be faced. This reply is through a document whose content shows the spouse received the petition and is done within some period of time.

Some couples may face difficulty in coming to an agreement on some things. This stage needs the spouses to come to an agreement in order to continue with the rest of the divorce process. Some circumstances in this stage may lead to the inclusivity of other parties. This parties are not supposed to be biased and should come up with solutions whose content promote agreement. This mediation can also be done by the lawyers of different parties who understand the law. They use this understanding to come up with an amicable solution for both sides.

The proceeding stage after this can be a divorce trial. Failure of reaching a consensus is what leads to a trial. The court is given the responsibility of coming up with a judgement if mediation is not successful. After that the final decision is reached and the divorce is finalized. Signing of a document known as judgement of divorce takes place. This document shows that a marriage is finally over. This document also shows how the parenting of children will be done.

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