Prepare the house before floor installation

Wood floor installation is not an easy task. The best idea is to hire professionals to do that. Many people think that hiring professionals are the only task they need to do but it is not true. No matter the task is of wood refinishing or wood installation, there are many things you need to do to prepare the room for the installation.

The first thing you need to do is cleaning the floor and removing the dust from it. The installing and refinishing company will have all the precautions to keep the things safe but it is a good idea to save the things to avoid the damage completely.

The most difficult thing will be to remove the dust from the house caused by sanding. So it is a good idea to close the doors of the rooms which do not require sanding. This will prevent the rooms from getting too much dirty and dusty. To prevent the dust from going in the rooms, the best way is not just closing the doors but also sealing them with tapes.

If you are getting a new floor installed, it is a good idea to remove the doors by yourself. The installation company will also provide this service but there are chances that they will not be as careful as you can. There are chances that the company will not reinstall the doors so removing them will give you an idea how you can reattach the doors. You should keep the doors in a separate room. It is also important to get the baseboard removed. No installer will work with the trim so you will have to remove it too.

Sub floor is the floor on which the wood floor gets installed. It can be made of cement and have holes or can be broken. Some companies do not prepare the sub floor before adding the wood floor. They will install the floor on the damaged sub-floor. You will have to prepare it before the arrival of the company.

There are many good companies who give good advice, which can save a lot of money of the client. They will suggest you if your floor actually needs to be replaced or it can be repaired by hardwood Floor refinishing. The floor refinishing is also a very important part of  N-Hance Burlington-Oakville.