What Are Voice over Advertising & How to Learn Voice Over

We are all aware with Voice Over ads or images; but, it may be fair to say that the majority of us do not see them as intrusive or distracting. In fact, some of us are not really aware of them. When you watch TV or listen to the radio we often will hear an advertisement about a product done is a smooth voice. Most of the better voice over ads are in fact presented to give the aura of someone speaking to an individual.

It is an art form that is actually a very lucrative part of the PR world. Estimates of up to $2 Billion a year are invested in Voice Over production. The people who are the “voices” are often referred to as, “Voice Talent”. And talent they are. It is a subtle but skilled form of acting. Next time you hear a voice over ad take a moment to consider what was said and how. A product for a woman’s fashion voice over will likely have a sophisticated and feminine touch. The guy vending tickets to the stock car races, less so. In fact, he will likely portray a macho; but, an enthusiastic male who wants to share the fun he derives from such an event.

There are activities, voice over talent and individual agents, pairing people for projects. Some voice over actors can make into the six figures. They promote their agencies and prospective clients will approach them with a proposal for an ad. The role of the agency is to match talent to clients.

There was a time when all voice over work was done in studios. As a result, several cities in North America became the central areas of this industry. Now, with the growth of affordable and reliable computers, the voice industry is moving to individual home studios. Voice talent can join online agencies, get on-line audition applications, produce and deliver the audition by uploading it online… all from home.

Today clients can search and find talent internationally. Agencies with strong reputations can now promote the potential of clients and voice talent on a worldwide scale. It is a major, but not fully recognized area in which worldwide communications are changing how we interact.

By chance, I recently discovered the world of voice over acting. It is most commonly used as an advertising medium. On the radio one can hear the voice over ads between programs and music. On TV it occupies a similar role with the addition of video content. And increasingly our internet world is welcoming voice over actors to promote anything from travel to new programs. As a good voice over talent are narrators and play roles in video games and productions. It is a fascinating field with very creative people. And with the increasing sophistication and power of the internet voice actors can be continents apart and deliver exciting interactions. Want to Find the very best voice over talent for e-learning? Then, Kim Handysides is the only name, you can trust on. We offer online services for voice over.